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Thus, the new group is established, under the name “Noblesse Oblige Scanlations”… to which I think pretty much everyone knows the meaning of Noblesse Oblige…;p
Click on “To New Site” to go check it out…;p —->>>>


TMD V7C9 (Ch56)

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At last, sorry for the long wait…

Had finals last week, so was focused on studying… then somehow I caught a cold (which I think may be the flu; hopefully not the swine flu…*sigh*) and was only able to work in bits and pieces… I apologize again for my lateness…

So, thus, the last chapter of TMD Volume 7, and the last release under the name of Mauzel Scanlations, for which starting the next volume, There will be a slight name change… so it would be more attractive to other people (I doubt recruiting for Mauzel’s Scanlation would be an easy task, so a name change is in order…):


Alt. Link:

On the other hand, about Ubel Blatt… Originally, even with the translations by frankyhouse, I was hoping to have a method of doublechecking, which means waiting for Vol9 in chinese to release (which happily… its out)…

But unexpectedly, SUVI came back, and since the original plan (from like 3 months ago) was to have him release Vol9, I will probably be leaving it up to him… Although I will be keeping an eye out, since Suvi said the releases will be weekly, I eagerly awaits (Since my original plan was to release weekly as well, and its more enjoyable as the reader than the scanner…;p)…;p

However, if Suvi somehow tells me he cannot continue (he is going through a tough time, so things may happen), I will be more than happy to pick it up from wherever he leaves off.

On the other hand, The Sacred Blacksmith will be put on haitus until further notice, mostly because of what I identify as three lackings:

1. A lack of strong fanbase…

2. which leads to a lack of good raws…

3. which leads to a lack of patience for cleaning the raws…

If either #2 or #3 can be resolved, I will take TSB off haitus.

Thus, enough of my rambling… (Which you will hear more, as I plan to make the new group more interactive <ie. anime reviews… I always wanted to do one of those…;p>)…

New season of Spice and Wolf Rocks…;p



TMD V7C8 (Ch55)

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Happy 4th of July, was busy with celebrations, so sorry for the lateness…;p



Alt. Link:

TMD V7C7 (Ch54)

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Thus it cometh…;p



Alt. Link:

and with minor edits, V7C6 Ver2:


Alt. Link:


TMD V7C6 (Ch53)

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Another week, another TMD

Thus, TMD V7C6 (Ch53):


Alt. Link:

And the rerelease of TMD V7C5 Ver2:


Alt Link:

TMD V7C5 (Ch52)

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Sunday = TMD…;p

Once again, it cometh… from OUTER SPACE!!!

*cough*… Have fun…;p


Alt. Link:

TMD V7C4 (Ch51)

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Sorry for the lateness, barely made the Sunday deadline…;p

Started to watch Avatar, and it looked interesting, in a weekend, I got through 2 seasons…;p… Still pissed about Senjou no Valkyria’s sub…T.T… I WANNA WATCH IT…*cough*…neway…

without further ado… here are the links:


Alt. Link:

Enjoy…and once again, Constructive criticisms welcome…;p